Mrauk U temple Myanmar

Mrauk U temple Myanmar

Mrauk U

Mrauk U is situated in Rakhine State and is a medieval and archaeological town where visitors are required to pay a small fee to enter and stay there. At one time, Mrauk U controlled half of Bangladesh as well as Rakhine State and western lower Myanmar.

This is another city with a myriad of temples and pagodas which remain in place and date back many centuries.

The main attraction here is the Archaeology Museum (located just inside the Royal Palace) and is full of items from Mrauk U sites to include Buddhas, inscribed slabs, ancient coins and paintings.

A day trip to semi-remote Chin villages can also be arranged at many hotels. All that remains of the Royal Palace are some crumbling walls and do not make for spectacular viewing.

Other places worthy of a visit are; Wethali village and Mahamuni Paya which is a Pagoda situated some 40km north of Mrauk U.

Several ancient artefacts can be seen on display at the Paya and within the small museum near the shrine. Access to this area is best by hired jeep from Mrauk U.



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