Myeik Cruise - Myeik Islands Cruise - Tour of Mergui Island Group in Southern Myanmar

Myeik Islands Tour in Myanmar - Cruise the Mergui Islands in the Andaman Sea of Myanmar

Mergui Islands

This is an archipelago of 800 islands which lies in the far southern Tanintharyi Region of Myanmar and the islands vary in size from tiny to consisting of hundreds of square kilometres and can be found in the Andaman Sea near the Western shore of the Malay Peninsula.

The islands are sometimes also referred to as the Pashu islands because of the so-called Malay inhabitants named Pashu.

A five-star casino and golf club resort can be found on Thahtay Kyun Island.

Most of the islands are covered by thick and lush rainforests under which lies a limestone and granite base. The shores are interrupted by glorious beaches, rocky headlands and the occasional mangrove swamp.

Further offshore there are extensive coral reefs which add to the areas unspoilt and natural flora and fauna. Divers are particularly attracted to this region because of it’s natural beauty and eye catching coastlines.

The wildlife on the islands is diverse and includes deer, monkeys, exotic birds along with unconfirmed sightings of Sumatran Rhinoceros on a bigger island called Lanbi.

The Moken or sea gypsies live 9 months a year on their boat, you will encounter a village and many tribes on their way with their whole family on a train of boats, fishing, hunting and surviving from what the island and the sea offers them.

The area was only opened up to foreigners in 1997 and because of this and its isolation, the area remains largely undiscovered and preserved from civilization.

This area requires special authorization from the Tourist Authority in Burma and needs at least one month booking in advance to get the permits needed to book this trip, we stronly recommend the Cruise from Myeik to Kawthaung, which takes 6 days and covers many different Islands and beaches, mostly undiscovered by western tourists, visits to the Sea Gypsies (the Moken) village and City trips in Myeik and Kawthoung.

You will have a crew available with guide and chef and extra staff, but cabin room quality is basic at the best, but the experience is one you will never forget.

In the rainy season the Mergui Islands are closed from April Till November. Please contact us if you are interested in doing a cruise in Myeik starting from November 2013; email us here



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