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Mandalay - Center of Burmese culture and hub city of north Myanmar


After Yangon, Mandalay takes second place as the largest city in Myanmar and remains upper Myanmars economic and religious hub. Mandalay is very culturally diverse and is home to the Royal palace at the centre of the city.

Mandalay is home to many millionaires and monks for which it is renowned. Mandalay is a relatively modern city and was only born in 1857 and is mainly a British creation.

The Royal Palace is in fact a modern reconstruction and was built after the second world war where allies destroyed the once splendid buildings in the city.

A lot of the city was also destroyed further back in the 1800’s by fire as most of the buildings were of a wooden construction.

The airport that serves Mandalay is modern and pristine and services both domestic and a few international flights. The airport lies 45km from central Mandalay but can be reached easily on a modern highway by taxi or by mini-bus.

Several trains run daily from Yangon where it takes 15 hours and passes some very pleasant scenery. Night buses with air-con run to and from Yangon into Mandalay and this remains the cheapest option for connecting between these two cities.

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